Sarah W.


I am Director of Art & Education at metaLAB at Harvard and Co-Founder of the The Data Nutrition Project. My work explores the interrelations between complex systems, and the social implications of artificial intelligence through teaching, research, and interactive art.


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The Future of Secrets

Are secrets uniquely human? Our private lives are mediated and recorded by digital devices. Where are our secrets now? How will intelligent systems of the future process the data we leave behind? Will they know things about us that we don’t (and never could) know about ourselves?

The Future of Secrets is an immersive experience that includes sound, projection, and interaction; the installation asks participants to anonymously share their secrets as a way to question the trust we place in machines, and ultimately reflect back our own humanness. What does it mean for us to share so much of ourselves through complex systems and digitally distributed networks? What kind of logic or intelligence is behind a screen? Who or what is watching or reading our words? The installation is an opportunity to be immersed in secrets, and inspires delight, surprise, and reflection while evoking questions about uncertain technological futures.

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The Museum of Fine Arts Boston, 2016
Re:publica Berlin, GERMANY 2017
ESC Atelier Rome, ITALY 2017
Harvard Art Museums, Cambridge 2017
Hacking Arts at the MIT Media Lab, Cambridge 2017
ACUD Berlin, GERMANY 2018
Rainbow Unicorn Berlin, GERMANY 2018
South by Southwest, Austin, 2018
Digital Cultures Conference, Warsaw, POLAND 2018
Northeastern School of Law, Boston, 2019

Produced in collaboration with creative technologist Jessica Yurkofsky & data scientist Rachel Kalmar.