The creation, adoption, and impact of artificial intelligence and related emerging technologies are marked by a lack of understanding of the technologies involved and the motivations underlying their creation, as well as uneven participation in these conversations.

My creative workshops centered around questions in emerging technologies are customized for various levels of experience and understanding, and designed so that the larger the diversity of participants’ experience, the more interesting the workshop outputs. Drawing on my background in philosophy and art, my knowledge and experience as an AI researcher, and my work at metaLAB at Harvard, my creative workshops offer a novel opportunity for AI engagement in society.

Designed for researchers and scholars, artists, policy makers, educators, and the general public from diverse fields and perspectives (from the highly technical to not at all technical) to come together, engage, create things, and surface new insights. 

For info about pricing and booking workshops, write to sarahnewmanstudio (at)

Recent workshops at SXSW and Harvard.

Photos 1-4 by Jess Benjamin